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Real Estate: The Way To Get Turkish Citizenship For Syrians

Turkey has borders with 8 different countries, each with its pros and cons. Some having more difficulties than the rest. The country also shares borders with Iraq and Syria. They have been in a long war which caused their citizens to run away and search for a better life. Quite a lot of Syrians have chosen Turkey for a better future. More than 3 million Syrian are now living in Turkey. More than 500.000 Syrian have chosen Istanbul for their new home. While some are waiting out the war to be over and finally return to their countries, many of the Syrians have chosen Turkey as their new permanent home, and gain.

In 2018, the Turkish parliament approved a new law that allows foreigners to receive citizenship by purchasing a property worth $250.000. The relatively low cost of living in Turkey with the availability of the necessities of a good life, and advanced living systems, provides the perfect environmental opportunity to live in. Medicine in Turkey is more competitive than all European countries, which has allowed the health sector to boost.

Sadly, in a 2012 amendment that the Turkish Parliament approved, some rules were preventing few nationalities from owning property directly, including the Syrian citizens. While the Turkish government is working on resolving this issue so that more Syrians can become a Turkish citizen, there is still a way to gain Turkish citizenship if you are an investor with a Syrian origin.

Establishing a commercial company and registering the property as owned by the company licensed under the Turkish law, has allowed many investors to earn their new citizenship. When a Syrian national founds a company in Turkey, the business receives a legal title that allows the investor to own a real estate in Turkey on behalf of their company. The property’s price and location must comply with the size of the company’s property. This is the most significant way to earn Turkish citizenship for Syrians.

To gain Turkish citizenship, the Syrian investor must establish a company in Turkey that;

has a minimum investment of $500.000 USD.

Employs at least 50 Turkish citizens

Deposit $500.000 USD in Turkish banks.