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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) founded Turkey in 1923 with a single, welcoming idea in mind. “Anyone who wishes to live under these lands, to protect its borders and its people is Turkish.” No matter your past, your birth nationality, or your birth country, once you began living here, you are a Turk. As Istanbul Investments, we are here to support you during complicated process of verifying your official documents, as well as help you choose your new home. The Turkish parliament approved a new law that allows foreigners to receive citizenship by purchasing a property worth $250.000 USD at 2018. Also , according to last updates on that , the new law will be on in 2022. With the new law the purchase amount will be increased from $250.000 to min. $400.000 in June 2022.

You may become a Turkish citizen if you purchase one or more properties under these procedures;

1. $400,000 USD purchase

2. Evaluation report of the property.

3. Apartment / house must be eligible for citizenship (Our professional agents will take care of this for you).

4. Payment should be at once, cash through

official banks to Turkish Banks.

5. Property can not be sold for 3 years.

(you can stil rent it out in the mean time).

  • STEP
    Choose a property worth minimum
    $400.000 USD before taxes.
  • STEP
    Pay by bank transfer to Turkish Banks,
    either through a local or foreign bank account.
  • STEP
    Collection of required documents and application with our legal partners.
  • STEP
    Receive your passport
    in 3 Months.
Why Should I Become a Turkish Citizen?

Turkey is both strategically and logistically located in an important region. It borders Bulgaria and Greece in the west, many Middle East countries as well as Cyprus through the Mediterranean Sea, Iraq in southeast, Iran, Azerbaijan and Iran in the east, Georgia through northeast borders, and Russia on the north through the Black Sea. With so many neighbouring countries, our history connects with all over the globe. The Silk Road that begins in China, passed through the Anatolian lands to reach Europe. Turkey was home to many ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, Sumerian Empire, and Byzantine and Ottoman Empires in more modern times. We share a mutual culture with many of our neighbours, as well as warm relations with them.

A Turkish Citizenship allows you to travel between 114 countries Visa-Free. These countries include Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Ukraine, and many Far East Asian countries.

  • Easier visa application process to EU countries.
  • Ranked at #42 globally in passport index, and a mobility score of 121.
  • Lower currency rate increases your buying power in the country in every aspect.
  • Low cost of owning your dream house for your whole family. Istanbul, although it is one of the most populated cities in the world, has one of the cheapest average price of house on sale per m^2 available.
  • A personal citizenship allows your family to earn citizenship.
  • High education levels create potential for a better future for your family.
  • Top of their class health professionals in private sector who offer the same quality service as their western colleagues, while charging for much less.
  • Universal Health Care supported by the Turkish Government.
  • A rich history in every corner. Every stone you walk on has a story to tell.
  • A chance to be a part of the nation that continues to change the world since the early civilizations.
  • You will enter the business market easier and have a chance to reach 80 million citizens, as well as a high volume of tourists.
  • A land surrounded by three different seas, and covered by 7 different regions allows you to experience every climate at your choosing city.
  • No country stay required for citizenship. You can hold on to an investment for 5 years without leaving your country and still receive the citizenship.
  • One of the fastest official document processing times in the world.
  • No language skills required to be Turkish.
  • A rich and welcoming culture that will feel familiar to you no matter where you were raised.
Turkey (Visa) Turkey (Citizenship) Montenegro Spain Italy Portugal
Minimum Investment No Price Range €385.000 €500.000 €500.000 €500.000 €500.000
Processing Time 6 weeks 6-12 weeks 2-3 months 2-3 months 1-2 months 2-3 months
Minimum Stay in Country Not required Not required Not required Not required Not required 2w. every 2 y.
Temporary Residence Validity 5 Years ------ 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Right for Permanent Residency 7 years 7 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 6 years
Residency for Family & Children Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lifespan ------ Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Citizenship No Yes No No No No

People who live in Turkey permanently or more than 6 months per year are considered residents. They are subject to tax on their worldwide income, while non-residents (less than 6 months stay per year) pay taxes on their income earned in Turkey.

  • Personal income tax rates begin at %15, and can rise up to %35 on incomes more than 110,000 TRY.
  • There is no wealth tax in Turkey.
  • V.A.T. is collected at a %18 percent rate. For certain goods and services reduced rates of %8 and %1 percent may apply.
  • Depending of its source, between %0 to %18 rates are applied to interest income tax.
  • Both sellers and customers of a property are subject to a transfer tax of %4 total.
  • Between %10 to %30 tax rate is applied to gifts.
  • Between %1 to %10 tax rate is applied to inheritances.
  • Capital gains, excluding gains from the sale of a property held for more than five years, are not exempt from personal income tax.

For any of your questions and comments, please contact us through the numbers located above, or through our Contact Us button. We have agents to help you in the languages of Arabic, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, Italian, and Turkish.