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81 Million Turkish Liras Accumulated in The Housing Account

The account of housing that created by Government for the buyers has reached to 81 million TL and there are already 13 thousand people who applied for it. There is a rising rate of interest day by day for the House Account and Government Contribution which is started in May 2016, for the house buyers who have never been homeowners yet.

Thousands of people applied

At the first stage of the application, maximum 15 thousand TL and 20 percent of the accumulation of the date acquisition government support was provided to the Turkish citizens who keep paying to the account, continuously within the 3 years scope. but later the limit is increased to 20 thousand TL.

81 million TL reached

Now, it is the second year of the application since it started the number of applicants has risen to 13 thousand and the money collected for the later use, became 81 million TL.

The rate of benefit varies

The condition of being part of the "Housing Account and Government Contribution" system at least 3 years long. The 3 years contributors are paid 15 %, 4 years contributors are paid  18 % and 5 years contributors are paid 20 % of the money invested in the system. After the rearrangements, the rates are changed and the amount of the money to be paid for the 3 and 4 years contributors will be decided later when regulation is prepared. The most profitable ones are 5 years contributors who are paid %25 percent of the money invested in the system.