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Water Insulation for the Extension is Very Important For Buildings' Lives

In this article, we will discuss water insulation recently when the durability of buildings is discussed. In fact, when it comes to water insulation, everybody actually has a little something. Water insulation, which determines the building life and durability, can be explained as floor insulation in order to preserve the structural characteristics of the building. Now let's open it a bit more and examine it in detail.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has made waterproofing compulsory with the amendment to be made in the Planned Areas Development Regulation. Water insulation will also be supervised to ensure that ground water does not pose a threat to the building's carrier system.

The "Regulation on Water Insulation in Buildings" was published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in the Official Gazette, which was prepared on the occasion of the support of the IZODER Association of Heat, Water, Sound and Fire Insulators.


The destiny of the buildings will change with regulations that will give strength to buildings, quality and power. If it is determined that the new buildings do not comply with the principles stipulated in this regulation, permission to use buildings will not be given until these deficiencies are eliminated.

According to researches, earthquakes are one of the biggest causes of collapse of buildings, columns in the time, severely corroding the beams, and thus reducing the bearing load of the buildings. For this reason, water insulation projects, waterproofing materials and waterproofing are especially important for the new buildings.

The results of the examinations made after the 17th of August earthquake reveal the importance of waterproofing, which is determined as the result of corrosion of 55 thousand 651 houses and 79 percent of the workplaces and 79 percent of the workplaces. Structures must be protected against corrosion by first installing waterproofing. There are still no water insulation in 15 million homes in the country today.


Of course, fighting with water insulation is one of the most difficult issues. The most important point to be able to overcome a problem that affects building durability so much is the supervision.

The water insulation required for building durability is considered to have completed the life span of 30 years in our country since it is mostly neglected until now. However, it should be built for 80-100 years at the bottom of our buildings.