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A New Turkish Consulate in Kirkuk, Iraq

After announcing the news in 2018, Turkey has begun visa issuing to Iraqi residents in Kirkuk province in 2019.

Call Center available on: +964 (0) 772 995 4444 

Visit the following address to obtain a Turkish visa:

Turkey Visa Application Centre in Kirkuk

Nour City 2 No: 223, Nearby Baba Gurgur Park

Kirkuk, Iraq

Submission Hours: 09:00 to 16:00 (Saturday to Thursday)

Passport Collection Hours: 11:00-16:00 (Saturday to Thursday)

E-visa practice will continue for those who fulfil the requirements.

Back in late 2018, the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Fatih Yıldız had announced that Ankara was in talks with Iraq to open consulates in Kirkuk and Najaf provinces. The news came in late December, and Turkey's Kirkuk office opened its doors in just short of two months on February 14th.

Mentioning the high importance of Iraq for Turkey, Yıldız has said that "both provinces are highly important for us. This operation was in talks for so long, and we finally sent official requests to the Iraqi authorities to open consulates in these locations."

"Due to its large Turkmen community, Kirkuk is an exceptional city that has deep historical links with Turkey,” he said. “Kirkuk’s Arabs, Kurds and Christians also have a long-established history -- and positive relations -- with Turkey."

"The consulate will also serve as a coordination center for Turkish investment projects in Kirkuk," he added.

“A significant number of Turkish citizens travelling to these provinces each year. It’s important that we provide consular services in these areas, with which we have a deep connection," he added.

Yıldız stressed that both Najaf and Karbala -- a neighbouring and religiously important city in central Iraq -- also represent important commercial and economic hubs for Iraq.

“An active Turkish presence in these provinces will contribute to enhanced relations between Ankara and Baghdad,” the diplomat said.

Investing in a new office must have worked out for Turkey in the end. Just like in 2018, Iraqis have been the top real estate investors in Turkey. The number of Iraq citizens who have purchased real estate in Turkey was 7596 in 2019. This amount gave the citizens of Iraq a %16,5 in the total purchase percentage.