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What is A Gold Based Rental Certificate?

The lease certificate based on gold is a system that enables the Undersecretariat of Treasury to earn the gold under the pillow, diversify the financing instruments and expand the investor base.


Those who receive a gold-based lease certificate will have the opportunity to convert their gold standing under the pillow into a deposit in state security without risking loss of money.

Banks are responsible for the issuance of a gold-based lease certificate and gold bonds to be made through the method of collection of claims. Claims are collected between dates announced by the Undersecretariat of Treasury.

Applications for gold certificates and gold-based rent certificates are made to Ziraat Bank.

Gold, which is recorded in grams to the demand gold account opened on the demand date, can not be subject to buying / selling until the issue date and can not be withdrawn from the accounts. Gold Certificates for Gold Bonds / Gold, which are requested by the investors in the investment accounts as of the issue date, will start to be monitored.


Those who have a rental certificate based on gold provide rental income every 6 months. Those who have gold bonds give coupon income every 6 months. Coupon income and rent are paid with Turkish Lira countervailing.

Which gold is valid, which gold is not valid?

22 and 24 carat gold coins, mint gold, gold bullion and 22 carat rings, necklaces are accepted.

Any Gold (jewelery) that has precious or worthless stones on it is not accepted with Reşat Golds. Gold deposits which are recorded in the bank deposit accounts are not subject to application.