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World's 4th Most Expensive Villa Was Sold in 2015 in a Secret Deal!

Wanting a private space, in a secluded setting, yet close to the community is a dream for all. In Sarıyer, you could have all that, and so much more as you wake up to a life of luxury on the European side of Istanbul. With large projects rising every year, housing prices in the region have doubled in USD in recent years. The average square meter prices of the houses located in the most in-demand areas on the line of Tarabya-İstinye are located between 10 to 15 thousand dollars. The rental income is also a really good income for those investors who are generally dollar-based.

In 2015, a wealthy Qatari businessman,  Abdulhadi Mana Al-Hajr has invested about $100M to buy the historical Erbilginler Mansion (Boğaz Yalısı) located in Yeniköy district directly overlooking the Bosporus and its 2 bridges.

The Erbilginler Mansion has a 2800m2 living space with 64 rooms, in which 600 m2 of it is for the living room alone. The building's borders cover 5800 m2 of land, with 3 other smaller villas for the working staff and guests. 

Why is a businessman buying a mansion news?

At first glance, it may seem that Abdulhadi Mana Al-Hajr has a special admiration and interest in Bosporus mansions as he is in the real estate business personally. What made people investigate further was the pricing of the mansion.

Not only was this mansion one of the most expensive and luxurious villas in the world at the time (4th) but, the payment came from the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad. The payment was made through the Qatari businessman's real estate company, making Abdulhadi the owner of the mansion on paper.

Invest in Istanbul Real Estate Through Bosphorus Villas

Istanbul is one of the most populated and historical cities in the world with a beautiful natural connection. Through the widespread green hills that surround it and overlap with the city, and the luxurious sea views, Istanbul manages to pull you towards itself.

Real estate is the most valuable sector that keeps the economy well and stabilized because Turkey is a fairly large land with a huge population who would love to buy a house one day. That population just keeps on growing every year as they live under the perfect climate and continue to dream of owning their homes one day. Real estate reports show that villa properties, and apartments overlooking the sea or lakes, in particular, are of interest to investors, which generates an increase in the prices of these properties that also increase earnings for the investors. 

Truly, the stunning views of these projects are the most important factor for those wishing to own property in these areas, especially those wishing to get away from the chaos of the 16 million and enjoy the beautiful view of the historical Bosphorus, Marmara Sea, or the Prince Islands.

For being the most populated city of the region, Istanbul holds both the title of most affordable and most luxurious apartments in all Turkey. This city with a 16 million population is in constant growth. The young population is always on the hunt for apartments around the globally popular universities located in Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, Tuzla, or Kadıköy. Families and workers who come from out of the province are always looking for apartments closer to the city centers, Taksim, Üsküdar, Şişli, or Kadıköy.