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Which City to Invest in Turkey with Tourism Opportunities

Many investors who are on the edge to make real estate investments in Turkey have questions in this regard. Real estate investment can be a very high-risk high-profit investment. That is why the location matters when investing in property. Turkey is situated in one of the oldest developed lands in the world with countless historical and natural attractions that are scattered every part of the country. Tourism is one of the safest bets you can take regarding investment opportunities in Turkey, while real estate investments can be considered a long terms investment. 

In addition to locals, foreigners are also highly interested in buying properties in Turkey because of high investment returns and they do not have to obtain a residence permit to own a property with a citizenship grant for purchases more than 250.000 US dollars. More than just a shelter, Turkish properties have been regarded as an investment instrument for many years. Istanbul is a great place for a start. It’s the first place that comes to mind when investing in real estate; foreigners choose to buy real estate in this city. 

Various elements affect the value of a property. For instance, the supply and demand stability of a region affects the value as well as the location of the housing. How big or small is the property also determines the value of it. The returns of the real estate numbers also greatly increase a property’s value. If you can take out a mortgage and make more money out of it, this increases the worth of a real estate. The country’s economic situation where the housing is located also adds to the price of the housing in direct proportion. Another factor is the law relating to real estate, which determines regulations on structure, rental, privatization, permit, etc. Lastly, the expected benefits of the property is greatly changes the value of a property.

Buying your property in a project in development at a critical location will quickly sell after the completion of a higher price. Land investments in Turkey's most vital locations that has plans of building residential complexes on them. You can easily sell them to double your buying price. Leasing a completed project can also assure you a fixed monthly return.

Main Cities To Look Into Out of All 81 Provinces

For being the most populated city of the region, Istanbul holds both the title of most affordable and most luxurious apartments in all Turkey. This city with 16 million population is in constant growth. The young population is always on the hunt for apartments around the globally popular universities located in Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, Tuzla, or Kadıköy. Apartments for sale in Istanbul with sea views are the most demanded projects in Turkey. Families and workers who come from out of the province are always looking for apartments closer to the city centers, Taksim, Üsküdar, Şişli, or Kadıköy.

The district of Muğla is a frequent stop for sailing fans for its beautiful and modern ports. Although it has a population of 938 thousand, the whole province receives more than quadruple of that number as tourists. It is home to the popular beach towns like Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris with gorgeous seas. It also has its airport for easy travel. 

As the coastal city right by the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, Marmaris is a highly visited location for sailing fanatics who visit the coves in Muğla. Marmaris is home to plenty of luxury hotels that welcome millions of tourists every year. It is chosen for its warm weather all year round, especially during early summer. When you do visit it, be sure to take a yachting trip, either to visit the uncharted beaches, or to experience the beauty of Marmaris’ Coves. For those who enjoy the nightlife, the town is also known for its incredibly attractive bars. There is a themed nightclub for everyone.

Bodrum is an ancient yet highly progressive town of Muğla in the Aegean region that is highly famous for the alive nightlife. The ancient city of Halicarnassus was founded on the land of Bodrum. The district nowadays is a great escape spot for those who wish to have their villas in a more secluded setting. In summer, Bodrum gets crowded with local and foreign tourists. There will be always people stopping by the area for holiday, and wish to stay in a private location to visit many art events, theatres, concerts, and dance shows.

Surrounded by mountain ranges, Ankara is Turkey’s capital city. Ankara has grown exponentially since the foundation of the country in 1923 and is now racing with Istanbul in terms of city development. With a population of approximately 1 million, Çankaya is the highest populated district of Ankara, as well as the whole of Turkey. As the community is home to government buildings, the population can reach to 2 million during the day. The subway system is highly incorporated into the city life, and you can easily traverse most of the province from Çankaya. The subway system is highly incorporated into the city life, and you can easily traverse most of the province from Çankaya.

Kuşadası is the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey thanks to the large cruise lines that take tourists to the nearby ancient sites. Yet, it has many more bonuses up its sleeve when it comes to activities. There are not many points in the world that has numerous ancient sites, remarkable natural attractions, top-tier outdoor activities, and gorgeous shores like the Aegean region. Kuşadası is located at the center of all these unique attractions and adds its spectacular sceneries to the mix. Some of the popular attractions of its region like Izmir, Çeşme, Alaçatı, and Didim are closely located to the district. Greece's Samos island is just a boat ride away from the area.

An ancient city founded by the Aegean Sea, Izmir is full of rich history, and an up and coming infrastructure in Turkey. Izmir is a highly touristic location as well as a city full of villas for private space. You will experience a warm summer throughout the year, and the beaches most of the year. Now, Izmir has become one of the three biggest provinces of Turkey next to Istanbul and Ankara.

As a coastal province in one of the most ancient regions, Izmir's locations have been attracting tourists and history lovers. Nowadays, the beaches alone are enough to draw global attraction in the summer season. 

Urla, for example, is a rather quiet town compared to other parts of Izmir. The villas here are an excellent opportunity for those who like to have peaceful and quiet days. In Urla, you can visit the Ancient City of Klazomenai, and step on the same grounds as people from 4000 BC.

The province of Izmir is also quite close to the various other historical provinces, as well as Greece. While Didim is a district of Aydin, its Temple of Apollo, and the world-famous beach Altinkum is just a short drive away from Izmir.