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The Real Estate Market in Karaburun is Living The Golden Age

Chairman of the Chamber of Real Estate Agents of Izmir Mesut Güleroglu evaluated the real estate market in Karaburun, the smallest town in Izmir.


Karaburun, the smallest town of İzmir with 9,600 people, is based on agriculture and fisheries until a few years ago.
According to Çeşme, Urla and Seferihisar, the destiny of the county who could not get its share in the tourism due to reasons such as the small number of beaches and long and winding roads changed with the new road project which connects İzmir Çeşme Highway with the district and reduces the number of bends.

With the completion of the 40-kilometer section of the 55-kilometer road in total, there was a noticeable increase in real estate purchase and sale and prices in the district.
According to the information that AA reporters compiled from the records of the District Deed Directorate, the total number of 572 real estate transactions were made in 2015, when the road works started, and this number reached to 972 in the last year with an increase of 23 percent. In the January-September period of this year, the purchase and sale transaction was realized as 484 thousand.

Karaburun Municipality of the new construction license applicants also noticeable increase in the noticeable. According to this, the application for construction permits, which was 145 in 2015, rose to 203 last year and to 188 in January-July this year.


The stone houses near the sea, especially the idle stone houses in the villages, are the focus of investors, while the sales charts that can be seen in almost every part of the province confirm the figures.

Chairman of the Chamber of Real Estate Agencies in Izmir Mesut Güleroglu told AA correspondent that Karaburun is experiencing a golden age as real estate and real estate sales.
Güleroğlu said investors who started to invest in the city started investing in the city before years, pointing out that the increase in the number of people migrating from Istanbul to Izmir is decisive.
Güleroğlu explains that the tourism and life centers in İzmir have the most favorable price per square meter and the investor has attracted the investor. "Karaburun prices have been around 30-40% because of Istanbul and foreign investors." Karaburun became the most popular place because Çeşme and Alaçatı The investment has been directed towards this side and we think that the opening of Istanbul-İzmir Highway will cause the real estate movement to increase exponentially in this region. " said.

High prices are required for stone houses

Referring to the astronomical increase in the prices of old stone houses in the district, Güleroğlu said, "We are witnessing similarities to those living in Alaçatı." 500,000 pounds are required today in a house or a street sold to 150,000 lira a few years ago. price is requested. " she said.

Karaburun Mayor Ahmet Çakır stated that the beginning of road works reflects the development of the provinces and that they will make an important breakthrough in tourism with the completion of the road next year.
Drawing attention to the speed of the settlement in the district, Çakır stated that they aimed to zoning studies for their purpose that they planned to grow by protecting the nature.