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Tekirdağ Port Privatization Decision

Proposals have been started to privatize Tekirdağ Port for 36 months. Tekirdağ Port privatization desicion within the scope of the last offers until December 20, 2017 will be given.


Privatization Administration (ÖİB) Tekirdağ port privatization within the scope of the declaration was published. The deadline for bidding for Tekirdağ Port, which is within the scope of Turkish Maritime Businesses, has been announced. Here are the details of the last minute customization report.
Within the scope of the provisions of Law No. 4046, "Tekirdağ Port" belonging to the Turkish Maritime Businesses, the declaration for the privatization of "Tekirdağ Port" for 36 years through the "Grant of Operation Rights" has been published in the Privatization Administration.


It was noted that the proposal for the privatization of the Tekirdağ Port for the 36-year period had been received by the privatization administration of Tekirdağ Port.
Companies that bid for Tekirdağ Port must submit the Tender Specifications and Presentation Document to the related accounts with the amount of 10.000 TL. Tekirdağ Port Tender Specifications and Promotion Documents in the description of the portion of the need to print. In the province of real and legal entities and joint venture groups can participate in the province, the Temporary Guarantee Fee was determined as 15 Million Lira.
Tekirdağ Port privatization within the scope of the latest offers can be received until December 20.
The statement also states that "The Office of the Privatization Administration is free to extend the deadline for submitting tenders up to a certain level to be determined."