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Rental Allowance Must Be Raised To 36 Months!

Rental Allowance Must Be Raised To 36 Months!

DKY President Ali Dumankaya said that new legislation should be removed as soon as possible to renew 500,000 dwellings per year. Ali Dumankaya, who also reported that field-based projects should be encouraged, said, "The rent subsidy for 18 months should be raised to 36 months."

Ali Dumankaya underlined that the new residence permit subsidy is being abolished and that everyone will be able to benefit from the rent subsidy that the state will provide. He underlined that this change is an encouragement to the firm that is away from urban transformation. Ali Dumankaya ordered other "arrangements" as follows: "Promoting the use of indigenous materials is on the agenda.Differences between the dwellings of the owners can undermine the progress of official processes from time to time.It is very important in terms of accelerating the process of reaching the informed communiqués and behaving according to the directions of the informants. For this reason, we expect that the e-notification model will come in. This will solve the process more quickly. "

According to the news in the Haberturk Newspaper, Ministry of Environment and Urban Development, due to take place in Turkey's earthquake zone, 200 thousand every year in Istanbul, the Anatolian provinces were put target for renovation of buildings, including a total of 500 thousand to 300 thousand every year. In Turkey, currently 100 thousand converts can transfer DKY construction Chairman residential Ali Dumankaya, he said the ministry should come out a moment ago of the Decree of 15 items Law on trying to accelerate the process of urban transformation.

Ali Dumankaya said that legal arrangements must be passed on as soon as the industry can reach this goal, otherwise it would be difficult to reach 100 thousand housing changes already. Ali Dumankaya stressed that some projects in urban transformation should be encouraged and that I think I will be the incentives for the area-based conversion projects in the framework of the master plan and that I will be recognized before the changes to take place in the new legislation.


Ali Dumankaya argued that the housing subsidies given to the landowners by the state in urban transformation lasted 18 months and argued that this was not enough for the projects to be carried out in big areas. Ali Dumankaya said: "The 18 months rent allowance provided by the state is sufficient for building-based transformations. Falat, area-based larger projects can not be completed in 18 months. I think that it is necessary to raise rent allowances to 36 months. "


Ali Dumankaya stated that they expect to be supported by the new urban transformation law which will be formed by 15 items and that the primary financing problems are experienced. He explained that there are various studies for zero interest lending within the scope of the bill. Ali Dumankaya stressed that the government was informed that it was going to be reorganized at the fees and that the fee exemption rate would be increased and the fees would be lowered.