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Is it Reasonable To Buy A House Under Construction?

Universal21 Managing Partner Philip Skorochod said that these people read the pledge agreement, pay the amounts they have paid, and pay the full title deed.
Philip Skorochod, Managing Partner of Universal21, who recommends detailed reviews of building construction contracts for those who would like to buy an apartment in construction, absolutely surely shares the plot: "The controversy arising from the contract of the floor contract directly affects the buyer and causes a lot of the victims. If you have taken all of the amount, for example 300 thousand TL, write the amount you have absolutely paid in the title deed, otherwise the court case will be able to judge this amount if the sale price is 100 thousand TL if you go to the court"


Project launch periods are the best time to buy an apartment!
Philips Skorochod, managing partner of Universal21, advised investors to watch the early hours of the project, especially when they were selling, and stated that the sales strategy in residential projects is to increase the price when a specific time slot or a certain number of sales is caught during construction. Philip Skorochod also said that a person who buys a residence at the time of launching a project will provide a minimum premium of 50-60% when the project is completed. Of course if you are going to buy a house from the ground it is important to get it from companies that have proven it with guaranteed projects and housing that they have delivered themselves.