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Is It Possible To Appeal To The Zoning Status?

The plan which shows the construction islands, roads, density and arrangement of the places where zoning application was done s called a zoning plan. Development plans; metropolitan municipalities, municipalities, governors, or private institutions that grant the planning authority.

In case of zoning, the characteristics of the building to be constructed are explained, which shows how the zone can be used within the framework of zoning plan and zoning regulation. Looking at the reconstruction situation of a garden, we can see the structure of that garden, the floor addu, front / rear / side garden distance, it is possible to learn the distance from the roads and neighboring parcels, the construction precedents and all other possibilities of building. "Is it possible to object to the zoning situation? We have answered your questions below for you...

In order to learn about a zoning situation, a petition and other necessary documents should be sent to the municipality where the municipality is affiliated. The zoning status can not be objected to during the interrogation process, and the appeals must be resorted to during the suspension of the zoning plan. Reconstruction plans are announced simultaneously for a month. The appeal can be made within 30 days from the day of the announcement. This 30 day period is the length of the appeal against general regulatory processing. These announcements are usually posted on the panels of the zoning chiefs.

After the appeal for the suspension period, the municipality requests appeal and sends the development plan of the real estate to the municipal council. The municipal council examines the documents in its possession and establishes a definite decision within 15 days.