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Innovation In The Real Estate Sector

Innovations are going on in the real estate sector. Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci made a new statement. According to this statement, the commission amounts in the real estate sector will be revised. New rules will be introduced to the idle property sector. These rules are not only relevant to the commission. In addition, regulations related to the conditions of becoming a real estate agent will be made. The minister explained that, thanks to these laws, everyone don't would be from becoming a real estate agent.


Some regulations were become real estate agents. The most important of these regulations is the condition of being a real estate agent. Certain conditions will be determined. According to these conditions, they must be real estate agents. Certain certifications will be given to those who do this work. Everyone at this point will be prevented from doing this job. Only the experience some people can do it.

In addition, the regulation will change the commission prices. The buyer on the site pays 3% commission. Property owner pays 3% commission. Annual rental income is taken into account. 12% of annual income is taken as a commission. This payment will be changed. With these changes, a fairer sale is planned. Minister explained that this amount will not exceed 3%. In case of renting, it will not exceed 1 rental fee.

Falling prices will save money for consumer. A different explanation came from real estate agents. If this draft law goes, the real estate agents will have difficulty. According to the statement made, many corporate firms may close down. That's why very low commissions are shown. When the real estate agent sells, a certain part of the fee remains in the office. Some are given as taxes. Some are paid as a right to name. According to realtors, if these prices fall even more, the work of real estate agents can become difficult.