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How to Get Permanent Residence Permit in Turkey

Turkey has become the center of attraction on many levels of social and economic needs such as education, health care, residence, and business. Many people around the world find the best opportunities for education and business in major cities of Turkey like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Turkey is also well-developed in terms of tourism and has so many historical monuments which are important for the heritage of human history. So how to get a permanent residence permit in Turkey?

There are different types of residence permits in Turkey and the law can change in small details. However, there are common things you need to do and if you follow the conditions well it is easy to have a residence permit in this country. The types of residence permit are listed below:

Tourist residence permit (short stay)

Real Estate residence permit (by buying a property)

Work permit (by working in an official company in Turkey)

Student residence permit (being a student in an official education facility)

Seek Asylum

Family residence permit

The first thing you should know that the resident should stay in Turkey for eight years on a regular basis to be able to apply for a permanent residence permit in Turkey. Yet there are conditions that have to be followed during this period.

Eight years of stay is counted without the times you leave the country. If you have a student permit, half of the duration is counted and for the other residence permits, all the durations are counted.

The resident has to not have social assistance for the last three years of the eight years of period. He/she must have a good income, and health insurance. Basically, the resident should obtain life in Turkey as a citizen first. One of the easiest ways is to become a student and find a job in Turkey. During this period, the resident must not have any criminal record.

If the resident obeys the conditions and rules he/she can apply for the permanent residence permit.

Those who get this residence permit will have most of the rights of Turkish citizens except election, candidacy, public office service and some importations. 

For male residents, there will be no necessity for military service. 

They will have their insurance rights.

Here is the list of the documents for the application of permanent residence permit:

Application form.

Passport or Travel documents.

Previous Residence Permit documents.

Two biometric photographs.

The document shows that the applicant didn' t receive any social assistance past three years.

A statement that shows the financial conditions of the applicant is enough and stable to support his/her life in Turkey.

Criminal record document.

Health insurance.

Address and contact numbers.

You can find more information about residence permits and permanent residence permit on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management.