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Construction Sector Companies In Saudi Arabia

Construction clusters continue their activities under the URGE project of "Development of Export Capacity of the Construction Material Sector" supported by the Ministry of Economy by the Eastern Anatolian Exporters Union, "The Big 5 Show Saudi Arabia" International Structure and Structure held in Saudi Arabia for overseas marketing programs The Big 5 Show International Building and Construction Materials Fair, which is one of the most prestigious and biggest building materials fairs organized in the construction sector, stands out with the fact that it is an organization provided with intensive business connections and gives direction to the sector.


Every year, visitors to the Eastern Anatolian Exporters Union (DAİB) organization, who is leading the construction and construction materials sector of the Middle East countries, visited the visitors and allowed trade cooperation by the participants and presented their products to the visitors and gave information about the export potentials.

DAİB Chairman Cemal Şengel stated that "The Big 5 Show, which is the biggest fair in the sector, was the most effective demonstration of the products of the region and participated in the fair. The exhibition was very positive in terms of exhibitors. Our stand, our regional companies and our products have received great interest.

We have already begun to receive positive results of hundreds of bilateral business negotiations we have programmed among the Importers of Building Materials, our regional producers. Six of our districts have agreed to deal with it. Hopefully, 2017 and 2018 will be very busy with trade fairs, sectoral trade delegations and procurement delegations in terms of increasing regional exports.