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81 Million Turkish Liras Has Accumulated In Housing Account In Total

For the people who want to buy housing, the government established the 'Housing Account' that 13 thousand people applied and this account has reached 81 million Turkish liras. Interest in the implementation of the "Mortgage Loan and State Subsidy" initiated by Ministry of Family and Social Policies in May 2016 increased in order to have house for families who have not been homeowners. 13 THOUSAND PEOPLE HAVE HOUSING ACCOUNT Within the scope of the implementation, Turkish citizens who paid at least 3 years of regular payments can be supported in the first stage and 20% of the accumulation of the date of the acquisition of the houses and maximum 15 thousand liras, and the government support rate was 20%, the border that was the maximum of 15 thousand liras was increased to 20 thousand pounds. PEOPLE WHO ARE ON THE SYSTEM 5 YEARS ROUND COME OUT BETTER OFF In the implementation of "Mortgage Loan and State Subsidy", there is the condition that staying in the system for at least 3 years and the former regulation was able to get 15% of the money that people who invested for three years, 18% of the money that people who invested for 4 years and 20% of the money that people who invested for 5 years. These rates are changed with the arrangement made, the contribution amounts to be paid for people who invested for 3 and 4 years in the system will be determined by the new regulation to be prepared.