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6 Million Russians Are On The Way To Turkey

The Undersecretary of Culture and Tourism Ministry, Omer Arısoy said, Turkey is ready to welcome Russian tourist by reminding that there were 4,5 million visitors from Russia, but this year 1,5 million more. 

Forum took place in Antalya

Undersecretary Arisoy, Antalya Governor Karaloğlu and Deputy Head of RFTA Nikolay Korolev and also some representatives of Tourism Sector from Turkey and Russia attended The Turkish and Russian Hospitality Forum which was held at a hotel in the Belek, Antalya. 

Antalya is the Capital of the Tourism

Governor Karaloğlu greeted the visitors by saying "We are happy to welcome all our guest from all culture" who added, "there is a huge development of good relation between Turkey and Russia, thanks to both two countries leaders". Karaloğlu implied that the 40 percent of the tourist consists of Russians and Turkey's wish is to further. 

TurkoRus, Turkish-Russian Children

Turkish Governor Karaloğlu said "If the visa problem is solved, we will go further, Turkey does not see Russians as only holidaymakers but there are already Russians who are living in Antalya for a long period of time. Those Russian families have children who called TurkoRus.

Peace is the language of the tourism

Governor Karaloğlu stated that the language of the tourism is "peace" regardless the nations or the passports of the visitor and this year 6 million of Russian Tourists are expected he added. Karaloğlu " Turkey is ready, 2019 is going to be Turkish and Rus year of the tourism and we hope the visa problem is to be solved"