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The Rents Have Increased Most There

Prepared with the support of Turkish bank, Turkiye Is Bankasi; REIDIN - GYODER New Housing Price Index and REIDIN Real Estate Index October results were released to the public. In month of October, housing rents have increased most in Bursa. Detection took place in the index data of REIDIN.


While The Highest Increase Occurred In Bursa, Rental Income Decreased In Kars

Turkey Rental Housing Index has increased by 0.85 percent compared to the previous month and 5.84 percent compared to the same period last year. Bursa, with an increase of 2.21 percent in housing rent values per square meter, was the city where rents peaked in October. In the same period, the city where the rent value of houses decreased the most, was Kars with 2 percent decline.

Top Five Cities Where Rental Housing Prices IN October

The five cities where rental housing prices have increased most in annual terms are; Aydin with 22,89 percent increase, Kirklareli with 20,79 percent increase, Yozgat with 19,59 percent increase, Balikesir with 18,90 percent increase and Edirne with 18,29 percent increase.

Top Three Cities With The Least Duration Of Depreciation IN October

The first three cities in Turkey with the least duration of depreciation were Aydin, Van and Bilecik in October. At the same time, the three cities with the highest values in REIDIN Annual Gross Rental Rates, which are calculated by dividing the rent value by the selling price of housing, are Aydin, Van and Bilecik in October.