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TEOG removed, real estate market in Izmir boomed

According to, some of the innovations brought about by the new system, which takes place at TEOG, also concern the real estate market in Izmir. The new system, which gives students the right to choose the school they want, sets the real estate industry in motion in the immediate vicinity of good schools.

The removal of the TEOG system, which pushes students to the preparation stress of the school from the early days of the school, is also pleased with the parents. The education world, which is trying to define the new system called "Educational Region and the Non-Examination Local Placement System", continues to prepare for this.


Five schools may be preferred

With the new system, while the obligation to take the test is completely removed, students are freed to choose the school they want. Students who can enter schools close to their houses have the right to choose 5 schools.

With the new application, entering the test is left to the preferences of the students and the parents. The questions of the exam that will be held in June are being prepared by Turkish Ministry of National Education. There will be 60 questions, and the duration of the test is 90 minutes. The exam, which includes verbal and numerical sections, also includes open-ended questions.

New system abundance in Izmir

With the system that allows students to enroll in a school they want, parents in Izmir are looking for housing to move to the schools where the good schools are located.

In the central districts of the city, the mobility of the real estate has begun due to the new system. According to, some of the best schools in Izmir and their districts are as follows: Atatürk High School (Konak), Izmir Science High School (Bornova), İzmir Girls High School (Konak), Güzelbahçe 60. Yıl Anatolian High School (Güzelbahçe), Karşıyaka Anatolian High School (Karşıyaka).

Noticeable increase in rents

2 +1 flats for rent in Karşıyaka, which is one of the most important districts of Izmir, are offered to 1,150 TL and 3 + 1 flats with sea view are offered to 2,300 TL. According to, 2 +1 flats close to the street in Güzelbahçe can be rented to 1,100 TL and 3 + 1 flats can be rented to 2,500 TL. 2 + 1 flats are sold for 340.000 TL and 3 + 1 flats for 400.000 TL.

Newly built 2 + 1 flats in Bornova are rented for 1,500 TL. 3 + 1 apartments are also rented with around 2,000 TL. Those who plan to buy a house in this district need to pay 320.000 TL for 2 +1 flats and 465.000 TL for 3 +1 flats.

2 + 1 flats near the metro in Konak are rented to 1,350 TL. 3 + 1 flats are rented 1,500 TL in the district and 4 + 1 flats are waiting for new tenants in 2,750 TL.