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High Speed Train Test Drives Start In 2019

AK Party deputy of Sivas Habip Soluk met with members of the press in Osman Ağa Konagi. Soluk, evaluated the agenda. The meeting was attended by AK Party Provincial Chairman Ziya Şahin and representatives of the written and visual media working in the city.  Speaking at the meeting, evaluating the Afrin made with Olive Branch Operation, Soluk said: " Afrin is a very important point for Turkey.  So we have to intervene in Afrin for it.We went there like a storm.Inshallah, the operation will continue until the terrorist organizations are completely out of our country.We have no civilian and our soldiers of ours have not got even a nose bleeding. "
Later, Soluk explained about the Sivas agenda and gave information about the projects and works done to Sivas. Here is the information about High-Speed ​​Train (YHT):


"These are the leaves of a train from one of Ankara, taking the road to Eskişehir. This is a high-speed train. This is the 6th in Europe and 8th in the world rails train in the country and the name of this country is Turkey. Using nation in the name of the Turkish nation. "

Soluk said that the reason for the delay of Sivas-Ankara YHT project to be opened for 2015 is to work with some tender between Ankara and Sivas like viaduct and tunnel.

"When we come to Sivas from Ankara, we see it as flat terrain, but there are 50 kilometers of tunnels and 63 kilometers of culverts and viaducts, and we have been delayed and the project has been interfered too much with the project. We have to start the test drives in 2019. "