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349 Turkish Lira Price New Home

New projects are being created for low-paid employees. These projects are aimed to be everyone's home. The studies are running at full speed. Turkey continues many home sales in general. TOKI is building new houses in various cities of Anatolia. Prices in these apartments are kept very low. It is targeted that everybody is homeowner. These projects are of great interest. It is thought that many houses will be sold in the near future.


It is getting harder to get a house from Istanbul. But TOKI Anatolia also has many new projects. With these projects it is possible to buy houses very cheaply. Home prices fall to 87 000 Turkish Liras. You can also buy a monthly installment of 349 Turkish Liras. This is a hope for low-income citizens. Projects are expected to increase in coming days.

Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Düzce house prices are varying. With TOKI's projects around here, many people will be hosts. There are 14 different provinces different from these cities. In these cities the projects are continuing rapidly. Let me give you an example. 1423 houses were built in Mardin city center. The initial price of these houses was determined as 85 853 Turkish Liras. Monthly installments are 420 Turkish Liras. Edirne Ipsala house prices are low. TOKI is making 172 apartments. Installments start from 320 Turkish Liras. Those who will buy a new house here are very lucky. House prices are very low. Payments are also made in low volumes. New projects are coming out every day. If you do not have a home, you can evaluate them. For detailed information, you can call TOKI call center.