Yalin Residences


Project Name: Yalin Residences (YALIN EVLER)
Place: Gokturk, Istanbul (EU)
Project Area: 8.600m2
Construction Area: 39.820m2
Total Properties: 146
Property Types: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom, 4 Bedroom and 5 Bedroom
End Date: June 2014


While preparing our project in Gokturk Yalin Residences general concept and basic principles are flexibility, transparency, freedom, and man’s relationship to nature has been intertwined. We have remained true to designing and architectures to the smallest details showing effort , overcoming known architectural problems.. Our project gives the opportunity to use solar energy over four seasons, the timber shell acts as a shield. We have designed flexible living areas which receive more light and air circulation due to the lighter construction, unlike traditional heavy constructions that lead to a loss in living space. Yalin Residences has brought together concept of designing and building, with its ecological concerns, aesthetic values, commercial, We have shared this with our investors and our ecological concerns, technological and humanistic vision makes this project unique.


Sample Floor Plans:

yalin (1) 2 Bedrooms

yalin (2) 3 Bedrooms

yalin (3) 4 Bedrooms


The Cradle of Civilizations





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